37mm x 70mm x 17.5mm (A Grade)

37mm x 70mm x 17.5mm (A Grade)

26mm x 12mm Blue Frozen Foods Freezer Price Labels - 30 rolls

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27 x 70 x 17.5 Core (A Grade)
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  • 30 Rolls of "Frozen Foods" Price Labels.
  • 26mm x 12mm wavy edge labels.
  • Blue label with black FROZEN FOODS print.
  • Specifically designed for Freezer products.
  • 1,500 Per roll.
  • 45,000 Labels in total.
  • Conveniently plastic sleeved in packs of 10 rolls.
  • Also known as CT4 labels.

Compatibility List
  • klik K6, K8 and K10 Price Guns.
  • printSTAR 2612Z-M6, 2612Z-7, 2612Z-8 and 2612Z-10 Price Guns.
  • Jolly JC6 and Jolly JC8 Price Guns.
  • Motex 2612 /6 and 2612 /9 Price Guns.
  • Puma P-J6 and P-J8 Price Guns.
  • Lynx C-6, C-10N, C-8N, C-8E, C-10A, C-8D, C-8DW, C-10 DW, C-PR426, C-PH6 and C-PH8 Price Guns.
  • Open C6, C8, C10 and C10a Price Guns.
  • Econoply 26x12 Price Guns.